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CPRE Sussex: What We Do

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 14:13

South Stoke South Stoke Photo: © Fran Rawlinson

We work hard to protect our countryside for all to enjoy. We get involved in the planning system at all levels. We campaign to raise awareness of problems, provide advice and information and advocate solutions.

Our District Groups carefully consider local planning proposals and their likely impact on landscape and the local community. We canvas opinion on local issues and take action to help ensure only sustainable proposals, that fit in with the local environment and community needs, are permitted.

We comment on a wide range of strategic plans which include Local and Structure Plans for development, Aviation, Minerals, Transport and Waste. We have a team of specialist advisors who assist us on technical matters. If you have a particular skill you think may help us why not look at our Volunteers page.

Our work focuses on:

Land Use Planning - supporting essential housing to meet local needs, ensuring brownfield sites are developed first. Protect significant archaeological and wildlife sites, safeguard public open spaces and countryside access.

Transport - promote and support an integrated transport policy.

Natural Resources - monitor mineral extraction and ensure all resources are used wisely.

Farming and Food - support environmentally sustainable farming, fishing and forestry.

Protect the special character of Sussex towns and villages and the quality, character and diversity of our countryside.

Rural economies, services and quality of life - support sustainable development to ensure rural economies thrive.

Space is precious in Sussex with ever increasing pressure for development. We are determined to ensure the quality and diversity of our Sussex landscapes are preserved. However, we realise that the countryside is a working landscape and change is inevitable, but we want to ensure changes are carefully considered to ensure they are sustainable and suit local needs.

Our work is carried out by our members and volunteers.


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