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Fracking in Sussex?

Fracking protest, July 2012, USA Fracking protest, July 2012, USA

17 September 2012

Members of CPRE Sussex recently attended a meeting to explore the impacts of Fracking, hosted by the Wiggonholt Association in Pulborough West Sussex.

We are concerned about the potential risk of major environmental harm to the Sussex countryside in particular by water contamination, earth tremors, HGV traffic generation and the industrialisation of the area in the event of large scale drilling, and that these could outweigh any potential benefits from energy generation or the creation of jobs.

CPRE Sussex believe that the precautionary principle should be followed given the risks involved, and that therefore that Fracking should be stopped until ALL the risks have been fully explored.

CPRE Sussex representatives will be attending a Friends of the Earth Fringe event (open to the public) entitled ‘Fracking and the dash for gas’ at the Liberal Democrat Conference on Saturday 22 September at 8.15pm. Please join us if you would like to find out more!


Photo: courtesy Owen Crowley

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