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Dying Breed Dying Breed

Brighton’s Larchmont Films are proud to present the screening of DYING BREED: One Year on Three Cattle Farms in West Cornwall , A feature length documentary (85 mins, 12A)

Bales near Poynings Bales near Poynings © Rob

Following the EU referendum decision, is there an opportunity for major change to policies that will establish a sound future for farming? CPRE has produced a report which identifies a range of recommendations to increase the diversity, sustainability and resilience of the farming sector on which so much of our countryside depends.

Read the report New Model Farming on the CPRE website

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Local author Helen Peter's book The Secret Hen House Theatre has been shortlisted for the 2015 Waterstones Children's Book Prize. The kids' book was inspired by a real-life struggle to safe the farm she grew up on in Ringmer, Plashett Park Farm, from being destroyed by South East Water's £90m proposal to flood the area to create their proposed Clayhill Resevoir.

Major recent activity has been to object to two solar farm applications. Both are very close to another recently approved by the neighbouring authority, Wealden, at Ninfield. Rother’s are in Catsfield. Because 80% of Rother is in the High Weald AONB, Rother had never had to deal with a solar farm before the first one, at St Francis Farm. Through ignorance perhaps, they approved it, and now the countryside is reaping the consequences. Fortunately the second application 1km away from the Wealden and the St Francis one was rejected, but the applicants have now put in another slightly amended version for Rother to deal with.

Herstonceaux Farm Herstonceaux Farm Photo: © CPRE Sussex

18 July 2012

CPRE Sussex is one of several charities demanding action over unfair milk pricing by supermarkets. If you're concerned about this issue, why not write to your local paper to keep the issue in the public eye?

Below is the text of a letter by CPRE Sussex member John Kay. You may copy and adapt the text.

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Photo © James Thorpe Photo © James Thorpe

July 13 2012

Two influential charities, supported by Bill Bryson and Deborah Meaden, have come together to campaign for swift action by Government and industry to tackle the chronic failures of the UK milk market.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) believe that for too long there has been a cycle of boom and bust resulting in lost livelihoods and economic uncertainty for dairy farmers. This has driven more and more of them out of business with damaging consequences for our landscapes, local food production, animal welfare and consumers.

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