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Milk pricing: Write a letter to your local paper

Herstonceaux Farm Herstonceaux Farm Photo: © CPRE Sussex

18 July 2012

CPRE Sussex is one of several charities demanding action over unfair milk pricing by supermarkets. If you're concerned about this issue, why not write to your local paper to keep the issue in the public eye?

Below is the text of a letter by CPRE Sussex member John Kay. You may copy and adapt the text.

Dear Sir

Milk is not expensive, and a product in which Britain can easily be self-sufficient. However, we now learn that some supermarkets and national dairies are using their monopoly buying power to force British farmers to sell it to them at far below cost price. The inevitable outcome will be the destruction of our dairy industry. We shall all lose the traditional sight of dairy cows grazing in our countryside, and be forced to drink imported milk.

How can we influence this? Well, we can use our buying power as consumers to boycott those supermarkets and shops that oppress their suppliers in this way, and support organisations like CPRE (the Countryside Trust) in their campaign to get farmers paid a fair price. And we can all check that whenever we shop for milk we only buy British.

Use our Local media list to find contact details of your local newspaper

Please send a copy of your letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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