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CPRE Sussex at 10 Downing St

Monday, 16 May 2016 15:15

CPRE Sussex joined GACC, CAGNE and Sussex MPs at 10 Downing st today (16 May) to ask the Prime Minister not to support expansion at Gatwick airport.

Sussex MPs Jeremy Quinn, sir Nicholas Soames and Nick Herbert were amongst those who object to Gatwick expansion and the impact this would have on existing infrastructure, such as the already overburdened rail network. Studies suggest that Gatwick expansion would lead to an additional 90,000 passengers on a rail network which is already congested.

Sally Pavey, CPRE Sussex Trustee, also highlighted the unacceptable air pollution levels this would cause. CPRE Sussex last week challenged Gatwick to commit to a reduction in night flights to safeguard the tranquility and dark skies of Sussex.

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