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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 07:30

Campaigning documents, Gatwick

Written by CPRE Sussex

Download the following documents below:

  • Gatwick Grounded: why as second runway will never fly, by GACC
  • CAGNE's response to the House of Commons Transport Committee Inquiry into Surface Access at Airports
  • Ambient Noise: Gatwick in Perspective Document 1
Friday, 15 January 2016 09:54

Gatwick could cause ‘commuter misery’

Written by CPRE Sussex

A group opposed to possible Gatwick Airport expansion has said if it goes ahead, it will cause “misery” to commuters on the Brighton to London railway line.

This comes as Brighton and Hove City Council expressed its support for an expansion at Gatwick.

Another anticipated delay in the decision on airport expansion has been met with frustration by countryside campaigners who say its leaves rural communities vulnerable and in limbo.

“We are disappointed that they keep delaying such an important announcement,” says CPRE Sussex Director, Kia Trainor. “The focus should not be on whether Heathrow can meet air quality targets, but the fact that expanding either Heathrow or Gatwick will cause significant and unacceptable levels of air pollution.

Friday, 04 December 2015 14:50

What does a second runway mean to you?

Written by CPRE Sussex

Video by CAGNE.

Friday, 04 December 2015 14:19

Global Climate March in Horsham

Written by CPRE Sussex

In a bid to raise awareness of climate and environmental issues facing the local area, local residents held a very successful family-friendly rally through Horsham on 29th November 2015 as part of the global ‘Time To Act’ Climate March.

Chairman of the Sussex branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, David Johnson is urging the government to reject all the Airport Commission’s recommendations for aviation expansion in the south. He says politicians should focus instead on safeguarding people’s quality of life, and protecting the irreplaceable countryside and communities which are under threat.

10 February 2014

CPRE Sussex has again voiced its opposition to the proposed second runway at Gatwick in it response to the Airports Commission’s consultation. It has also strongly welcomed decisions by many Sussex councils to vote against a second runway at Gatwick and is urging others to “wake up” to the enormous threat is poses to the local countryside.

23 May 2014

Below is is CPRE Sussex's response to the Gatwick Runway consultations, discussed earlier.

Seize the opportunity to voice your opposition to a second runway, which would change Sussex forever, and not for the better.

GAL are spending millions on a misleading PR exercise. Don’t be fooled.

Gatwick Airport Limited (GAL) are a consortium of 4 overseas venture capitalists who show no long-term interest in the local economy, residents or the surrounding countryside. They are spending millions to promote their plans for a second runway, apparently not to solve any airport capacity crisis in the UK but to boost the sale price of Gatwick. GAL are widely expected to sell the airport – as soon as they can get their plans approved.

Plans for a second runway would devastate the Sussex countryside for miles around.

A new runway would mean twice as many aircraft in the sky, twice the pollution, twice the climate damage, twice the noise – and new flight paths over currently peaceful areas. Sussex would be changed forever.

But the problems will not just come from the skies. GAL claim that the number of passengers will more than double and that there would be 17,500 additional jobs around Gatwick.

Where would 17,500 new workers around the airport live? How will they get to work?

Perhaps a second runway could bring 17,500 additional jobs. This may sound like a good idea, but there is very little unemployment around Gatwick. These jobs will not be snapped up by locals but instead by people commuting in or new people moving to the Crawley area – in which case they will need new homes.

A new market town?

17,500 jobs would require around 12,000-13,000 homes in addition to those that were proposed in the old South East Plan. There would need to be a new town equivalent to the size of Haywards Heath or East Grinstead. But where? There is a danger of the Mayfields option at Sayers Common being promoted as an easy choice. Whatever the option, these numbers could mean concreting over the local countryside on an unprecedented scale.

And those not housed around Crawley will add to already heaving trains on the main rail line, and add to congestion and pollution on the A23/M23.

No new infrastructure is proposed by GAL

There are no costs to provide additional ‘surface travel’ infrastructure in the budget and so the GAL second runway appears much cheaper than Heathrow. Easy, ignore the problem and the cost plummets.

We now have the opportunity to voice our opposition to Gatwick Airport’s terrifying plans for our communities, by responding to their “public consultation”.

Responding to the consultation? Be careful!

This consultation will be part of GAL’s evidence to the Davies Commission, who will advise the Government which airport option they should proceed with. GAL already claim that, unlike Heathrow, they have local support. They cite the Leaders of West Sussex County Council, Cllr Mrs Louise Goldsmith, and of Eastbourne Borough Council.

The consultation is a PR exercise

The purpose of this consultation is to enable GAL to provide statistics that ‘show’ that there is very little opposition to the second runway. Some of this they hope can be achieved in the way that their questionnaire is phrased.

Leading questions are posed so that you are asked to indicate which choices between their three options you prefer. When answering they hope that respondents will indicate a preference of one runway option over the others. Don’t fall for it.

Resistance is not futile!

So GAL’s consultation exercise is designed to force you into supporting their expansion plans.

But it is possible

  • to show your concern for the social and environmental impacts (Questions A1 and A2)
  • while not answering their biased questions (A3, A4, A6, B1, C1).

Most importantly, if you respond to the online consultation –

Make sure to SELECT OPTION 3 under question D1 - NONE OF THESE OPTIONS.

Respond to the consultation here.

Don’t be bamboozled or intimidated by the millions GAL are spending on PR. Millions that would have been better spent on providing some proper evidence to show how their scheme might or might not work.

There’s no need for a new runway at Gatwick, and it’s up to all of us to show our opposition. Numbers do count!

If past experience is anything to go by GAL will only quote those who have actively opposed their scheme – everyone else, including those who do not respond, they say are not opposed.

Opponents at Heathrow will be shouting their opposition – if we don’t do this then our voice will be drowned out and Gatwick could become the least difficult option – which GAL have helpfully suggested is half the price and requires no Government money – and which WSCC has just added its enthusiastic support. We say there is no need for a devastating new runway anywhere in the UK, there is plenty of runway space already available.


You can also respond by e-mail in your own words to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why not show your support? Download and print off one or more of our posters or window leaflets and let people know what you think about the Gatwick proposals. See below. 

10 March 2014

Last Sunday residents of the picturesque village of Warnham turned out in force to illustrate their anger at Gatwick’s new flight path trial that had been forced over their historic parish without warning.

Over 300 people of all ages as well as residents of Rusper, Slinfold, Horsham, councillors, CPRE and GACC representatives, gathered outside the parish church to hear their local MP, Rt Hon Francis Maude, offer words of support.

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