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Ostler's Field - Prizewinning rural development Ostler's Field - Prizewinning rural development

One of the biggest challenges facing our local councils today is the provision of affordable homes in our rural villages.

Subject: house-building targets are decided – by Planning Inspectors, “unelected official, whose decisions cannot be challenged - and who cannot be held to account by councils and communities should his decisions prove to be flawed”.

“Since he does not explain how he has arrived at a number for the latter, one must conclude that the allocation is arbitrary.”

The Planning Inspector who examined the Horsham District Planning Framework (HDPF), has decided that a minimum of 750 new houses pa should be built in Horsham District in the period 2011-2031, amounting to at least 15,000 in total.

New houses in West Sussex © George Redgrave New houses in West Sussex © George Redgrave

Poll commissioned by CPRE and Hastoe finds dearth of rural affordable housing, and that nearly 70 per cent of public do not think that politicians care about affordable housing in rural areas

The UK public have little faith in Westminster to deliver positive change for people living in rural communities, according to a YouGov survey published today by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and leading rural housing association Hastoe.

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