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Cuadrilla applies to renew lapsed flow testing permission at Balcombe

Thursday, 04 January 2018 10:33

Caudrilla at Balcombe in 2013 Caudrilla at Balcombe in 2013 © tacac0

Cuadrilla's inaccurately described "fracking" at Balcombe has achieved a lot of publicity in recent years.

Cuadrilla obtained planning permission in 2010 to test drill for oil and gas at a site outside Balcombe. In 2014 it was also given permission to undertake further preliminary work to test how productive the flow of oil is likely to be (i.e. to establish whether there are commercially exploitable reserves of hydrocarbons at Balcombe). Cuadrilla did not carry out that testing exercise, and their permission to do so lapsed earlier this year. Cuadrilla has recently applied to West Sussex County Council (WSCC) to renew that lapsed flow testing permission. This is not an application to exploit any reserves that there may be. That would require a further - doubtless controversial - planning application if Cuadrilla's proposed testing indicates that there are commercially interesting reserves.

There has been no fracking at Balcombe and Cuadrilla is on record as stating that they will not in any event frack there. However they will be using a process that requires injection of acid chemicals into the substrata, and that would carry environmental and risks that the regulatory authorities will have to evaluate in due course.

CPRE Sussex has made representations to WSCC in respect of Cuadrilla's latest flow testing renewal application. You can read those representations by downloading the document below.


Photo © tacac0


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