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CPRE Sussex’s Clean Green A27 litter pick

CPRE Sussex joined the A27 Clean Up Campaign on Sunday 22nd September to help clean up our countryside as part of the national CPRE ‘Clean Green’ month. Although we were a small team, we were able to clear more than 30 bags of litter and various large items (including a scooter and a pram) improving the area for wildlife and people. This is a huge amount of rubbish collected in a short time by a small number of people and shows the scale of the problem!

You can find out more about CPRE’s campaign for a deposit return system on the national website. You can also support the A27 Action Group in asking that Highways England takes over the responsibility of collecting litter on the A27 by liking and sharing their Facebook page. Or reminding your local MP about how important this issue is if you are in regular contact.

Thank you to all the volunteers who took part.

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