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What does the Heathrow decision mean for Balcombe?

Tuesday, 10 March 2020 09:44

What does the Heathrow decision mean for Balcombe?

Our national climate change policy and the Paris accord don't just have legal implications for airport expansion in the UK. CPRE Sussex believe that we must rethink fracking and other forms of oil extraction too.

CPRE Sussex has written to West Sussex County Council with further comments in relation to the current live application for oil exploration at Balcombe, to highlight the fact that the recent Heathrow judgement (February 2020, Plan B Earth v Sec of State for Transport [2020] EWCA Civ 214) gives additional grounds for the council to give due consideration to national climate change policy, including commitments under the 2015 Paris Accord when deciding this application.

Download our letter to West Sussex County Council below.

Photos of 2013 protests at Balcombe © Sheila


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