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William Shaw

William Shaw

Letter published by West Sussex County Times 29 November 2018-11-29

Letter published by The West Sussex Gazette, 8 August 2018

On Monday 22nd May community groups representing hundreds of thousands of UK residents delivered a statement to Number 10 demanding that the next government takes action to reduce aviation noise and emissions.  The groups are seeking a new policy on aircraft noise and tough regulation of the aviation industry that balances the interests of people living near airports and under flight paths with the demands of the industry for more flights.

Sussex’s beautiful countryside is a world-famous national treasure and makes a huge contribution to the economy and our sense of who we are as individuals and communities, yet is at risk of being side-lined in this election.
The next Parliament will be working hard to address a number of pressing social and environmental challenges and we believe this can be done without undue harm to our finite green-spaces and beautiful landscapes.
Our manifesto for Sussex, linked to the main CPRE  manifesto, calls on all politicians to support;

  • Full consideration of the natural environment, biodiversity and landscape and scenic beauty in strategic plans and specific development proposals – even for sites without designation or protected status
  • Measures to tackle pollution, achieve higher standards in air and water quality, protection of rural tranquillity and dark night skies
  • A new vision for sustainable travel in Sussex to reset current roads policy with a smarter travel investment strategy, particularly in relation to the A27
  • Airspace modernisation which prioritises the well-being of local people and wildlife. A commitment against further expansion at Gatwick
  • More homes which are truly affordable and meet an identified local need. Greater investment in urban regeneration and better use of the existing housing stock, including under-occupied or empty homes
  • A significant shift towards a low-carbon economy and away from the extraction of fossil fuels
  • Well designed and located housing proposals which have been developed with proper involvement of the local community.

 Nationally, CPRE's manifesto calls on all parties in the election to recognise the countryside’s huge contribution to the economy and our sense of who we are as individuals and communities, and to develop policies that will protect and enhance rural areas. This can be downloaded below.


Friday, 24 March 2017 12:56

The Impact of Road Projects

The CPRE has just published new research which identifies that new road schemes generally produce much less in the way of economic benefits and congestion relief than predicted and have a more damaging impact on the environment and landscape.

Sunday, 19 February 2017 17:47

CPRE South East Bulletin, Feb 2017

In this issue:

The Housing White Paper: how the new proposals tip the the balance further in favour of developers.

"The housing white paper will make the imbalance worse. The government is to create a new threat to local authorities and communities. It’s called the housing delivery test"

Download to read this detailed analysis of what the White Paper will mean for the South East.


Wednesday, 15 February 2017 13:16

CPRE Sussex Review Winter/Spring 2017

Download your copy of the Sussex Review below, featuring:

  • Nick Herbert MP on his real concerns for countyside surrounding the National Park
  • The Mid Sussex Local Plan and battle we can't afford to lose
  • How Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are not providing the protection they should
  • Sussex Wildlife Trust on protection for natural spaces after Brexit
  • Our ancient woodlands
  • The latest on Eastbourne's plans to sell of Downland
  • Help save the sparrows!

And more. Download your copy now!


Monday, 12 December 2016 09:04

Brighton: Green spaces demonstration

A Green​S​paces demonstration took place ​on Tuesday outside Hove Town Hall directed at the Brighton & Hove City Council's Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee. Questions were put to the committee from groups involved in the recently formed S​ave​ Our Green Spaces SOGS and in the new year the council will prioritise what it funds based on it's recent questionnaire the 'Big Conversation' i.e. it will make cuts to those areas deemed less popular. Pressure will continue in this direction. The next committee meeting is on 17th Jan (4pm, Hove Town Hall).

Thursday, 01 December 2016 18:15

Making Places: the launch event

‘Making Places’ 29 November 2016 at RIBA, Portland Place, London

We had a great turn out a the HQ of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in London on 29th November to launch our ‘Making Places’ Manual. This is the result of a one year project commissioned by CPRE Sussex with Action in rural Sussex, Rabble Place and 7 Sussex Parishes to explore what ‘good design’ means for local communities and can be downloaded here.

Saturday, 10 September 2016 08:08

A Pledge for the Environment

CPRE, along with other organisations including the RSPB and WWF, are supporting an MPs Environment Pledge. MPs signing the pledge, drawn up by Green Alliance, will commit to keeping strong environmental and countryside protections in place following the EU referendum. The full text of the pledge and the list of MPs who have signed up so far can be found on the Green Alliance website.

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