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Landscape Training

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 15:20

On 12th May, 30 noble souls took part in a CPRE Sussex workshop exploring how to assess the significance of the character of landscape in the evaluation of potential development sites.

The workshop was facilitated by Bettina Kirkham, a fantastic professional landscape architect who has worked with CPRE members on a number of local development project proposals. Attendees included CPRE members and members of a number of local parish councils, all of whom gave very positive feedback on the programme’s added value to their work.

Bettina’s main message was the importance of addressing landscape in terms that go beyond the visual appeal. Her practical guidance on the core natural, cultural and perceptual factors involved in landscape character and value, and how to assess them, was an invaluable takeaway for everyone.

This landscape Character workshop was the eighth in a series of training sessions run by CPRE Sussex over recent years for its members and parish councils on different aspects of development planning in Sussex. Our next session, provisionally scheduled for the autumn, is likely to look at the changes to the National Planning Policy Framework and national Guidance introduced as a product of the significant revisions to planning policy that the Government is currently considering.

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