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Fundraising Trustee

Thursday, 01 March 2018 12:09

Voluntary role
Reasonable expenses paid

We are a small but highly effective charitable organization determined to enhance and protect one of our greatest assets – the English countryside.

Our aims are positive, practical and realistic. We don’t seek to preserve the countryside as a museum, but as a living, changing environment, ensuring that its tranquility, beauty and diversity are not thoughtlessly destroyed.

We are highly respected campaigners, reasoned and authoritative in our arguments, independent and principled in debate and constructive in our proposals.

Fundraising Trustee

We are now looking to further strengthen our excellent board of trustees by appointing a new Trustee who shares our passion and commitment and who has the skills, knowledge and experience to support our Chairman and take an active role in the Charity.  We aim to maintain a balanced set of experience and expertise on the Board of Trustees in order to deliver strong and effective governance, strategic development and decision-making.

Other requirements are a commitment to our aims and objectives; a good understanding of the duties of a trustee; strategic, visionary thinking and an ability to bring fresh ideas to discussion and challenge opinions respectfully. The role carries the legal responsibilities and liabilities which go with being a charity Trustee.  

The role is unpaid but immensely rewarding in terms of the positive impact on the environment and rural life in Sussex.

We are particularly looking for a person with experience of fundraising to lead in formulating and taking forward a positive, ambitious fundraising strategy for the Charity.

This would include forming and chairing a volunteer steering group to raise funds from appropriate grants, donations and events and also to assist in co-ordinating volunteers to set up and manage fundraising events and initiatives.

This role has the potential to make a very real impact on the amount of work we can take on to ensure a positive future for the people and landscapes of Sussex.

Travel and other reasonable expenses related to work under taken are reimbursable.

We welcome applications from everyone irrespective of gender and ethnic group however, in order to improve representation on the board, we particularly encourage applications from women, members of ethnic minority groups and people with disabilities

If you are interested please send a brief CV to Lesley Wilson in the office, phone or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and a job description. [Download below].

You can also call David Johnson at 07738 860256 to discuss CPRE and the Trustee role informally.

CPRE Sussex, Brownings Farm, Blackboys, East Sussex, TN22 5HG
Phone: 01825 890975

We look forward to hearing from you.


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