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CPRE Sussex Joins Local Campaigners Against Plans for Damaging New Roads on A27

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 06:13

Monday 23 June 2014

PHOTOCALL Campaign to Protect Rural England (Sussex) will join a demonstration against damaging road expansion on the A27: Thursday 26 June 4.30-5pm Worthing College, Sanditon Way, Worthing

CPRE (Sussex) will join local groups including Campaign for Better Transport, Sussex Wildlife Trust and Friends of the Earth at a demonstration against damaging road expansion timed to coincide with a parallel meeting of the ‘A27 Action Campaign’- West Sussex County Council, other local authorities, MPs and business leaders lobbying for new roads on Thursday 26 June.

CPRE (Sussex) fears that damaging road proposals could emerge out of a government study [1] including a bypass at Arundel and a dual carriageway between Polegate and Lewes which could destroy cherished countryside and threaten the South Downs National Park.

Georgia Wrighton, Director of CPRE Sussex said “Our CPRE Sussex Countryside Charter calls for positive investment in sustainable transport, prioritising faster and direct access by rail as the responsible way to better connect Sussex. Plans for unnecessarily damaging road expansion on the A27 should be relegated to government archives where they belong.

We need to work smarter, beyond an outdated ‘business as usual’ approach, using the latest technology and sustainable design to better connect Sussex whether that be for relieving congestion at peak hours, for futureproofed transport infrastructure or keeping business moving online.”[2]

Contact: Georgia Wrighton, Director CPRE Sussex 07964894333

Chris Todd, Campaign for Better Transport 07889302229




[2] The CPRE Sussex Countryside Charter asks MPs and Councillors to sign up to six commitments to the countryside


Getting around is vital, but it is in all our interests to protect the character and tranquillity of cherished Sussex countryside.

Roads are a vital artery in Sussex life, but in recent times plans for major new roads have posed grave threats to areas of wonderful countryside which once under tarmac are gone forever. We cannot provide for unlimited traffic demands without severely damaging the countryside. Air and noise pollution diminish quality of life and emissions contribute to a more chaotic climate.

We want to see better local rail links, along the coast and linking towns - and to London from coastal towns in need of regeneration. Faster and direct links are vital.

Key commitment

Positive investment in sustainable transport is the responsible way to better connect Sussex, avoiding unnecessarily damaging airport and road expansion.

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