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Friday, 20 March 2020 09:45

Litter picking Litter picking

In the Autumn we sent our members a survey form. To ensure that CPRE Sussex is addressing our member’s priorities, we asked which five issues, from a list of eleven, you think we should concentrate on in 2020. Thanks to respondents to the survey – we very much appreciate the time you spent on it.

Almost all respondents supported ‘Campaigning for better protection of the countryside’. This was closely followed by ‘Highlighting where proposed development will damage wildlife or cause harm to the environment’.

About half of respondents rated as priorities: ‘Supporting volunteer litter picks and campaigning against plastic pollution’; ‘Pressing for more affordable housing’; and ‘Helping community groups get the best outcomes through new development’.

With just slightly lower ratings were: ‘More support for community tree planting groups’; ‘Fighting new roads’; and ‘Campaigning against Gatwick expansion’.

Members also recommended a range of other issues for activity by CPRE Sussex, some of which highlighted specific aspects of the eleven issues in the survey.

Members emphasised promoting the virtues of a healthy countryside to the wider community and protecting green spaces in villages and towns. You were also concerned about ensuring that post-Brexit subsidies will help to retain the Sussex countryside.

You flagged up a range of planning issues. These included encouraging development on brownfield sites; and objecting and assisting others to object to new development on greenfield sites lacking adequate supporting infrastructure. You supported helping local councils to challenge developer-led proposals, while ensuring any development meets local needs. You also wanted CPRE Sussex to monitor development risks to Sussex aquifers, Ashdown sands and Greensand groundwater resources.

There is still time for you to give your views by completing the survey at We’ll also be inviting our wider supporters to prioritise the eleven issues. This should help us to pick up views from a range of people and organisations with an interest in the Sussex countryside.

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