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Wednesday, 20 November 2013 11:42

Media Release: "Localism flounders in Sussex"


Monday 18 November 2013


The Government’s much criticised Localism Act could be about to stumble at its first hurdle in Sussex.

Mid Sussex District Council faced what was described as a “Kangaroo court” as it tried to defend its District Plan at an Examination in Public last week. The Council was giving evidence on a technicality called the ‘Duty to Cooperate’ which is a new requirement under the Localism Act.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 11:04

Lewes District Report: Winter 2013

Lewes Core Strategy Update

The progress of the Lewes District Core Strategy has undergone a further delay. There was a public consultation on the proposed submission version back in January-March 2013, but while the consultation responses have been published, there has not as yet been any formal response. The District Council and SDNP Authority have participated, with others, in a new survey of housing need in the Sussex Coastal region, and further progress has been deferred while the Council considers how to respond to it

Thursday, 14 November 2013 17:26

Potential Village Green bulldozed by developer

14 November 2013

Developers Bellway Homes have bulldozed a field in Billinghurst, deliberately ignoring a process initiated by local people who had applied have the location recognised as a village green.

The field, adjacent to Daux Avenue, had been the subject of a public enquiry in September - October this year following the application for Village Green status in 2009. Village Green status would protect the field from building development. The Planning Inspector's decision had not yet been given. In a clear attempt to preempt any such decision, the developers Bellway Homes bulldozed the site last week.

CPRE Sussex believes this is an act of vandalism inflicted in advance of the Planning Inspector's findings and West Sussex County Council's planning decision on the site. If a piece of land had been used by local people for lawful sports and pastimes "as of right" – without permission, force or secrecy for at least 20 years – users can apply under section 15(1) of the Commons Act 2006 to register land as a green.

The field was photographed by Dr Roger Smith of CPRE Sussex following the destruction, on Sunday 10 November.

We will be publishing a full report on this shortly.


Dr Roger Smith appeared on BBC South Today on 14 November discussing Bellway Home's destruction of the site.



Wednesday, 06 November 2013 10:31

Runaway Gatwick opposes "any new runway"

6 November 2013

The high profile seminar held jointly by GACC, CPRE Surrey and CPRE Sussex on Friday 25 October voiced local and national concern about the prospect of a new runway at Gatwick Airport. Attended by over thirty local councillors, all the major parties, four MPs and one MEP, the seminar concluded with the Chair tabling a resolution that, “Those here would oppose any new runway at LGW”, which was passed by a show of hands with a large majority.

Read a detailed report about the Runaway Gatwick seminar.

Friday, 01 November 2013 09:27

MPs condemn Sussex new town plans

1 November 2013

At a packed public meeting on 18 October held jointly by CPRE Sussex and Locals Against Mayfield Building Sprawl, local MPs lambasted the plan to build 10,000 new homes on land between Henfield and Sayers Common.

Nick Herbert MP for Arundel and South Downs said, “This new town proposal is a con, not wanted by the parish council or district council.”

Nicholas Soames, MP for Mid Sussex, joined CPRE Sussex's Roger Smith and Georgia Wrighton in declaring it to be “an appalling, opportunistic proposal.”

Read a full account of the meeting in our Mayfield campaign section

CPRE Sussex have submitted a response to proposed new government rules which will allow allow developers to transform "unused" agricultural buildings into homes. CPRE Sussex are concerned about the impact on the Sussex landscape and local communities. Georgia Wrighton, Director of CPRE Sussex responded to the consultation. See letter below:

Saturday, 19 October 2013 09:02

BBC film on Mayfields Market Town

On 16 October hundreds of people protested the plan for a new town of 10,000 homes in the Sussex countryside, tying a seven-mile-long yellow ribbon around the 1,000-acre site of the proposed Mayfield new town.

Saturday, 19 October 2013 08:45

BBC film on Mayfields Market Town

Mayfields residents and countryside campaign groups including CPRE Sussex and LAMBS (Locals Against Mayfield Building Sprawl) created a 7 mile long yellow ribbon around the proposed building site.

7 October 2013


PHOTOCALL MAYFIELD MARKET TOWN MEETING: Friday 18 October 7.30pm Adastra Hall, Keymer Road, Hassocks

Nick Herbert MP for Arundel and South Downs and Nicholas Soames MP for Mid Sussex will speak at a meeting organised by Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Sussex and Locals Against Mayfield Building Sprawl (LAMBS) on Friday 18 October 7.30pm.

16 October 2013

Georgia Wrighton, Director of CPRE Sussex responded on Monday to a Department of Communities and Local Government consultation which proposes to remove the requirement to notify landowners above fracking/shale gas drilling activities going on underground beneath their properties.

The new proposed standard application form will fail to "consider the complex and far-reaching impacts of unconventional oil and gas exploration and extraction, and attempts to ignore real concerns in the countryside about the impacts on local people and the environment," says Wrighton.

Read the full response here in our Fracking campaigns section.

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