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CPRE Sussex appoints Human Ecology Professor as New Chair

Tuesday, 23 July 2019 07:42

The Countryside Charity, CPRE Sussex has appointed Prof Dan Osborn, as its new Chair.

Prof Osborn has interests in wellbeing, human ecology, environmental policy, coastal flooding and climate change.

CPRE Sussex is delighted to welcome him to the position – especially given the environmental challenges facing the county at present.

Prof Osborn believes that the challenges of climate change and the wellbeing of our growing population should be tackled together – by strengthening and enhancing the connection between people and nature.

“The links between people and their environment are centre stage for me,” he says. “There is a great debate about what wellbeing really is and how we should measure it. It certainly involves being well connected with people and having positive relationships, learning new things at whatever age, being physically active and noticing the world around and the environment in which you live”.

“CPRE's new emerging strategy with its interrelated themes emphasising connectedness and communities, and cross cutting an emphasis on climate change is entirely consistent with improving wellbeing. This approach provides a way of tackling forthcoming challenges and opportunities that communities on the coast and sectors such as farming and tourism will face”.

Prof Osborn is also on the Board of The Sussex Community Development Association, where his work in collaboration with Sussex University has shown that the more challenging someone's life is the more they can benefit from being active in green space.

“There is a lot of evidence that being active, perhaps especially in a group, in green space is very good for your health and wellbeing,” he says. “So much so that areas such as National Parks may well be - as the South Downs park CEO says – ‘the natural health system’”.

David Johnson, who steps down after six years as Chair, will continue to play a key part of the leadership team working with Dan as Vice Chair:

“I am delighted to welcome and work with Dan,” he says. “By joining us, Professor Osborn confirms that wellbeing is at the core of our work to promote and protect Sussex countryside. Being able to continue to experience our countryside, coast, our parks and gardens, to link up with nature and wildlife, helps all of us manage our daily lives”.

“Dan brings a host of new skills and contacts to a key organisation fighting unnecessary developments across Sussex”.

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