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Letter published by the West Sussex Gazette, 17 May 17


Arun District Council has decided that a house-building target of 20,000 new houses ‘can be delivered’ over the period of their local plan, 2011 to 2031’ (Arun Local Plan Submission Version (ALPSV)   Modifications, March 2017’: ‘Housing Supply).

Letter published by the West Sussex County Times, 27 April 20


North of Horsham: shameful if Council allows a vast tract of beautiful and irreplaceable countryside to be developed without meeting the District’s need for affordable homes

Letter published by the West Sussex County Times, 11 May 2017


North of Horsham: Flawed planning application should be refused

Developers Liberty Property Trust have submitted an outline planning application to develop 800 acres of countryside north of Horsham; the area was allocated as a strategic site for 2750 houses and a business park by Horsham District Council in its Horsham District Planning Framework (HDPF).

Letter to: Rye and Battle Observer
From: Stephen Hardy, MBE, Trustee, CPRE Sussex

Poignantly, the BBC last week showed a picture of the cottages at Birling Gap, just down the coast, which are predicted to collapse into the sea within 25 years.

The Sussex Express for 31 March featured an article Wildlife Threatened by 300-homes scheme next to Pevensey Levels.

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