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Shoreham Herald: "Lack of ‘common sense’ over flood risk in New Monks Farm development"

Sunday, 19 February 2017 17:39

Flooding at New Monks Farm Flooding at New Monks Farm © Bill Freeman, Adur Floodwatch

Shoreham Herald, 9 Feb 2017, reported on CPRE Sussex's "strong opposition" to plans to build an IKEA and 600 new homes on a Lancing floodplain.

The topic was discussed on the last day of a two-week inquiry into the Adur Local Plan - the district council’s vision for the area’s future.

David Johnson, chair of the Sussex branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) strongly opposed the New Monks Farm development in Lancing, which could see IKEA moving in, along with 600 new homes, and said there was a lack of ‘common sense’.

He said: “If common sense already suggests that we have problems with flooding – why are we considering putting 600 new homes and IKEA on New Monks Farm – is this going to make it better?

“If you look at the area as a whole, there is flooding on a regular basis and people have seen this in the last few weeks. This is a human issue we are talking about and these homes are for people who are concerned about flooding.”

Bill Freeman of Adur Floodwatch is also quoted as saying that the plan was not justified: "The proof of measurement is not there and to the community, this is a great concern. What flooding does to people’s lives is quite appalling and I have seen the stress of sewage going into people’s gardens. “This is quite a serious issue we are talking about here.”

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