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Local buses

Monday, 26 February 2018 10:49

It is now becoming obvious in many areas of the country that our bus routes are being severely cut back and in some instances are being removed. Private companies will assess all their routes and those that are not viable for whatever means will be re-routed, partly withdrawn or withdrawn altogether.

When Sainsbury’s were granted Planning Permission for a new Store at Shripney one of the Conditions was a contribution to subsidise a bus service to enable people from the West side of Bognor, mostly in Aldwick, Bersted and Pagham to have a regular service to shop there. The Condition had a time span that has now expired, and the service has been altered and re-timed in such a way as to exclude many people from shopping there. This situation was brought to our attention, by Transport groups and concerned members of the public.

Following a telephone conversation with the Store Manager, a letter was sent outlining the disadvantages to the people and the impact of loss of customers to the store. The contents were used at a meeting at the store, with participating parties, and was instrumental in procuring a positive outcome, with PB Bus Marketing.

They will be looking in to how Compass operate routes to Chichester and Rustington and hopefully discussing with Stagecoach what options are available to both parties.
CPRE Arun will be following up on the discussions and trying to promote the interests of the local people to resolve the matter with a positive and permanent solution.

Michael Warden, Chairman,
CPRE Arun Group.

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