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WSCC/SDNPA Joint Minerals Local Plan Proposed Modifications

Saturday, 10 March 2018 11:50

CPRE Sussex submitted a response to the West Sussex County Council and South Downs National Park Joint Minerals Local Plan proposed modifications consultation. We were only able to comment on the modifications.

Our key areas of concern are;

  • We remain concerned that the draft Plan as a whole continues to fail to afford the two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (OANB) the same level of protection as it gives to the South Downs National Park which does not accord with national policy and legislation.
  • Amended para M7a does not reflect the NPPF para 143 requirement to ensure there are no ‘unacceptable adverse impacts on the natural environment’
  • Amended para M17b does not reflect requirements of the Habitats Directive vis a vis EU protected sites.

Our full response can be found below.

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