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Friday, 29 November 2013 16:41

News: Nicholas Soames MP secures Mayfield debate

Written by William Shaw

29 November 2013

Nicholas Soames, Member of Parliament for Mid Sussex, has secured an Adjournment Debate in the Westminster Hall on the ‘Proposed Mayfield new town in West Sussex’ on Tuesday, 3rd December 

More details here.

Friday, 29 November 2013 16:05

Lancing Herald: "Adur plan needs rethink"

Written by William Shaw

29 November 2013

Yesterday's Lancing Herald featured an article on CPRE Sussex's call for Adur Council to rethink their plans to allow house building on sensitive sites across Lancing and Sompting.

CPRE Sussex has called on the council to re-examine plans for development at New Monks Farm, West Sompting and Shoreham Airport, which would destroy the character of the greenfleld areas, and spoil historic countryside views.

David Johnson, chairman of CPRE Sussex, told the newspaper, "The Adur Local Plan needs a significant rethink and we hope that the district counci. l will dig deep to flnd brownfield land and unlock sites held onto by developers to demonstrate that  building on greenfleld land in this way is inappropriate and unnecessary."

In a front page article in the same edition, The Lancing Herald also featured the petition supported by local groups, including CPRE Sussex, to persuade the council to rethink their controversial plan to build over 1,000 homes across Lancing and Sompting.

Download a PDF copy of the articles below.

Friday, 29 November 2013 15:50

Adur urged to U-turn on greenfield sprawl

Written by CPRE Sussex

CPRE Sussex issued a media release on Monday 25 November urging Adur Council to rethink its proposals for major development on sensitive sites in the area, which it says will damage precious countryside and increase pressure on areas prone to flooding.

David Johnson, Chair of CPRE Sussex, said “The Adur Local Plan needs a significant rethink and we hope that the District Council will dig deep to find brownfield land and unlock sites held onto by developers to demonstrate that building on greenfield land in this way is inappropriate and unnecessary. We urge the Council to present a response to ‘top down’ government pressure on development, which protects the special character of Adur and ensures sustainable development for many years to come.” 

Read the full media release.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 11:04

Lewes District Report: Winter 2013

Written by CPRE Sussex

Lewes Core Strategy Update

The progress of the Lewes District Core Strategy has undergone a further delay. There was a public consultation on the proposed submission version back in January-March 2013, but while the consultation responses have been published, there has not as yet been any formal response. The District Council and SDNP Authority have participated, with others, in a new survey of housing need in the Sussex Coastal region, and further progress has been deferred while the Council considers how to respond to it

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 11:01

Adur & Worthing District Report: Winter 2013

Written by Bill Freeman

The major issue here is the Adur Draft Plan.

The latest draft has just been published for final public consultation and reaction needs to be posted with the authority by 5pm 7th November 2013. I am up to my eyes in an objection campaign by all residents around the Lancing Shoreham Gap/flood plain and at present have little time available for anything other than that.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 10:54

Arun District Report: Winter 2013

Written by Peter Carder

Threats to the landscape and the sustainable development of Arun remain as the Local Plan continues to emerge. The review of the Strategic Housing figures undertaken by Arun will be available from early November but would appear to continue to indicate high housing numbers. However without the evidence base and statistical limits of confidence to back up the argument it is difficult to see that this amounts to anything more than holding ones finger up to the wind.

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