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Wednesday, 20 November 2013 09:50

Rother & Hastings District Report: Winter 2013

Written by Stephen Hardy

Rother and Hastings have attracted some national publicity with the protests against the construction of the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road – not quite to the level of Balcombe, but all in vain now as the construction works have started. The impact of this pointless road is being felt in several neighbouring villages and towns like Battle, as well as on site. We live in hope that if careful excavation works are undertaken, items of real historical significance may be found – even the real site of the Battle of Hastings.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 09:04

Wealden District Report, Winter 2013

Written by John Hurwood

Oaklands Site, Hailsham, 200 homes – we objected, the Inspector has turned the application down. No longer considered a threat.

Heathfield: Land to the Rear of the Police Station, High Street, Heathfield TN21 OUP (WD/2013/0635/MEA): Outline Planning Application by Summertree Estates Ltd and Gleeson Developments Ltd for the erection of up to 115 new residential dwellings of which 40% are to be affordable. This application has been approved, although the decision has not been published. We objected on the basis that no AONB land should be developed for normal commercial housing and are not convinced a robust case has been made for building 75 market houses, a case that would be strong enough to warrant destruction of part of an AONB.

Solar Farms: there has been an explosion of interest in applications for solar farms – 11 potential sites have been identified. We have objected to WD/2013/1664/MEA: land at Wick Street, Berwick BN26 6TH on the basis the development would result in the introduction of engineered, alien features in an otherwise undeveloped rural landscape resulting in a loss of landscape character and adverse visual impact, including potentially from the South Downs National Park to the South. However, the planning officers have recommended this site for approval subject to conditions. The application goes to Planning Committee on 17th October.

Graywood, East Hoathly: an application for the construction of a small camp site in ancient woodland has been opposed vigorously by local residents. Wealden District Council has removed the application awaiting further information. We have registered our objection in principle and asked to be kept informed.

John Hurwood (planning) & Lesley Wilson – October 2013

Thursday, 14 November 2013 17:26

Potential Village Green bulldozed by developer

Written by CPRE Sussex

14 November 2013

Developers Bellway Homes have bulldozed a field in Billinghurst, deliberately ignoring a process initiated by local people who had applied have the location recognised as a village green.

The field, adjacent to Daux Avenue, had been the subject of a public enquiry in September - October this year following the application for Village Green status in 2009. Village Green status would protect the field from building development. The Planning Inspector's decision had not yet been given. In a clear attempt to preempt any such decision, the developers Bellway Homes bulldozed the site last week.

CPRE Sussex believes this is an act of vandalism inflicted in advance of the Planning Inspector's findings and West Sussex County Council's planning decision on the site. If a piece of land had been used by local people for lawful sports and pastimes "as of right" – without permission, force or secrecy for at least 20 years – users can apply under section 15(1) of the Commons Act 2006 to register land as a green.

The field was photographed by Dr Roger Smith of CPRE Sussex following the destruction, on Sunday 10 November.

We will be publishing a full report on this shortly.


Dr Roger Smith appeared on BBC South Today on 14 November discussing Bellway Home's destruction of the site.



Friday, 21 June 2013 08:14

Mid Sussex Update: June 2013

Written by Michael Brown

19 June 2013

New Mid Sussex District Plan

The public consultation period has now ended on the proposed submission draft of Mid Sussex District Council’s new District Plan. This plan, if and when adopted, will direct strategic planning across the District from now until 2031. The plan will now go forward for a public examination by the Planning Inspectorate, probably around the turn of the year.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013 13:15

Update: Chichester

Written by Richard Hill

I am asked to concentrate on a summary of my 5 page objections to the housing numbers in our draft Local Plan. This is really about two words: “ Strategic Planning”, which sounds boring , which it is, until a disaster caused by it becomes too obvious to ignore. I refer to the appallingly excessive housing demands of the Chichester District Council (CDC) for building 3550 houses by 2029, including 1000 West of the city, 1000 at Tangmere, 500 at Westhampnet etc. The interesting part is my assessment of how this has wrongly happened, so I will mention that first, and give a few reasons. For my full assessment, any CPRE member who wishes, can supply me with an e-mail address to cause 5 pages to be sent back in return.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013 13:12

Spring update: Arun District

Written by Peter Carder

The principle focus within the District remains on the evolving Local Plan, which is now running six months behind the original schedule. The second phase of public consultation into Arun’s draft Local Plan will now take place in the late spring of 2013 due to the number of responses received during the first phase. Critical features of the Plan include Economy, Housing and Transport. Local MP Nick Herbert has been actively involved in the debate in highlighting the deficiencies of the current process, in particular the fact that the Plan making process has been put ahead of an effective assessment of infrastructure capacity and sustainability. There is an urgent need to look at capacity, sustainability and infrastructure across a larger geographical area to take account of the overall scale and impact of potential development and reflect that in responses to the Plan.

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