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CPRE South East e-Bulletin June 2012

Newsletter published by CPRE South East, featuring news on implementing the NPPF, the Draft Energy bill and more.


CPRE South East e-Bulletin May 2012

Newsletter published by CPRE South East, featuring news on approval of an out of town supermarket in Telford & Wreakin, the National Planning Policy Framework, Windscapes and more.


General Election: Read the CPRE's Manifesto

Sussex’s beautiful countryside is a world-famous national treasure and makes a huge contribution to the economy and our sense of who we are as individuals and communities, yet is at risk of being side-lined in this election.
The next Parliament will be working hard to address a number of pressing social and environmental challenges and we believe this can be done without undue harm to our finite green-spaces and beautiful landscapes.
Our manifesto for Sussex, linked to the main CPRE  manifesto, calls on all politicians to support;

  • Full consideration of the natural environment, biodiversity and landscape and scenic beauty in strategic plans and specific development proposals – even for sites without designation or protected status
  • Measures to tackle pollution, achieve higher standards in air and water quality, protection of rural tranquillity and dark night skies
  • A new vision for sustainable travel in Sussex to reset current roads policy with a smarter travel investment strategy, particularly in relation to the A27
  • Airspace modernisation which prioritises the well-being of local people and wildlife. A commitment against further expansion at Gatwick
  • More homes which are truly affordable and meet an identified local need. Greater investment in urban regeneration and better use of the existing housing stock, including under-occupied or empty homes
  • A significant shift towards a low-carbon economy and away from the extraction of fossil fuels
  • Well designed and located housing proposals which have been developed with proper involvement of the local community.

 Nationally, CPRE's manifesto calls on all parties in the election to recognise the countryside’s huge contribution to the economy and our sense of who we are as individuals and communities, and to develop policies that will protect and enhance rural areas. This can be downloaded below.



Local media

Use this list of local media to keep in touch with what is being written about your area. Consider writing to these newspapers if there is a campaigning issue that affects you. If you do write a letter to a local newspaper or news service about a CPRE Sussex campaigning issue, please copy us in at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sussex Review: Summer 2012

The summer edition of the Sussex Review, published by CPRE Sussex.

We report back on the impact of a large agribusiness application on the Manhood Peninsula, and feature a personal view of the wind turbine debate that centres on the Rampion development off the Sussex coast.


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