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Housing and planning

How to respond to planning applications: an 8-step guide

Download the CPRE's How to respond to planning applications: an 8-step suide.


How to shape where you live: a guide to neighbourhood planning

Download this 64 page, 8-step guide covering simple steps to take if you want to prepare a neighbourhood plan.


Presentations: Futureproofing 2013

Click on the image to view the presentation.


Your local plan: links

Need to see the state of your local plan? Or to see the bigger picture emerging across Sussex as local authorities put their plans in place?

Local planning authorities must prepare a local plan which sets planning policies in a local authority area. These are very important when deciding planning applications. The government also requires local planning authorities to publish Annual Monitoring Reports (AMRs). As they're published, this page will keep you up to date with Local Plans across Sussex.


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