Hedgerow Hike

Celebrate hedgerows, get some exercise, and help raise funds for CPRE Sussex.

Get out and about in Sussex to raise awareness of the value of our hedgerows and to raise funds for CPRE Sussex, the countryside charity.

CPRE Sussex stands up for a beautiful and thriving Sussex countryside that enriches all our lives.

To continue to do our work across the whole of Sussex from East to West and Brighton and Hove, we need your help and support.

How to join the Hedgerow Hike

You can walk anywhere. Around your garden, local roads, a park, local nature reserves, the National Park or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or even take on the South Downs Way.

Every step or mile for which you are sponsored will help CPRE Sussex to protect the Sussex countryside and our city and towns green spaces for everyone to enjoy.

You could ask for sponsorship at as little as £1 a mile or even 5,000 steps, perhaps £30 for a longer weekend walk, or £50 for completing a section of the South Downs Way or a walk in the High Weald. It is really as flexible as that.

If you can’t walk, consider other ways of getting out into green spaces to admire hedgerows in your local area or beyond.

Find out more: CPRE Sussex Hedgerow Hike FAQs.


There is no entry fee and you set your own sponsorship amount – maybe £1 a mile, or £30 for a day, or £50 for a more challenging distance. Alternatively, you can let your family and friends decide the amount.

You can collect sponsorship money in several ways:

Find out more about how to organise a sponsored Hedgerow Hike.

Celebrate and explore Sussex hedgerows

Hedgerows are major features of the Sussex landscape we know and love and they are essential for increasing biodiversity and fighting climate change.

Find out why hedgerows are so important and how to tell how old a hedge is. See: Why are hedgerows important by Prof Dan Osborn, chair of CPRE Sussex.

Spot the different species in our hedgerows using CPRE’s A Little Rough Guide Around the Hedges.

Watch out for

Details of our photo competition and prizes.

Recipes using food foraged from hedgerows.

Want to know more?

Find out more about CPRE Sussex, including our vision and our achievements and how to join us.

If you have any questions, please contact: info@cpresussex.org.uk.

Thank you for taking part and for support our work across Sussex.