Ending the war on nature

22nd September 2021

We all need a world where nature can thrive.  One where nature is not exploited or seen simply as a resource.  A world that is resilient – forever.

Speakers include Isabella Tree and Dr Tony Whitbread


We have to learn to think differently about nature and our place in the world. To feel, and to know that we can all act for the better.

Embark with us on a journey to find global and local solutions to two of the major issues that face us now – the climate and biodiversity crises.  Join us at:  The Shoreham Wordfest on Saturday, 2 October 2021 from 10:30am – 3 pm.

Speakers include

  • Isabella Tree – author of the best seller ‘Wilding – the return of nature to a British Farm’ and ‘We Went Wild’ – Isabella’s joyful new children’s picture book
  • Dr Tony Whitbread – President of the Sussex Wildlife Trust and an advocate of nature-based solutions of the right kind in the right place
  • Professor Dan Osborn – CPRE Sussex Chair, contributor to the last two UK Climate Change Risk Assessment evidence reports with interest in how our links to nature affect our wellbeing
  • Nicola Peel,  of the South East Climate Alliance, a leading light of the successful campaign to get local authorities to sign up to the climate emergency.

Ending the War on Nature is a joint event organised by  CPRE Sussex, Shoreham Wordfest and the Sussex Wildlife Trust.

Book your tickets at: www.shorehamwordfest.com/event/ending-the-war-on-nature-featuring-isabella-tree/

See the full programme: Shoreham Wordfest 2021 programme