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Village Lifeline in Lockdown

14th July 2020

Ninfield Village Stores in East Sussex is a small business which has been making a big difference to its local community this year.

The village is home to a high percentage of elderly and vulnerable people who would have been left high and dry during the lockdown without the help and support of the shop and its staff.

The store’s proprietor, Chris Moore, quickly adapted to the situation, providing free deliveries to those who needed to isolate, and keeping the post office running for essential business.

‘He and his small staff have been instrumental in ensuring that the extremely vulnerable and self-isolating can obtain the necessities they require,’ says the grateful customer who nominated him for a CPRE Sussex Award.

‘They have been delivering personally up to 5 times a day rather than forcing the elderly high percentage of the population to travel further, especially those without any private means of transport’

‘Without the Village Stores, the village would lose a vital part of its spirit and character. He is a worthy candidate, no, WINNER.’