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Take action on a planning issue/report a threat

Are you concerned about a proposed development near to you? You can influence the planning system to help to protect the Sussex countryside and ensure it thrives.

Below are some guides to help you understand how the planning system works, and how you can take action.

If you think CPRE Sussex should get involved directly, take a look at our guide to when we do (and don’t) comment on planning applications – and then you can alert us to a planning threat using our form.


While CPRE planning guidance is being updated, for a good summary of the planning system, see:


We recommend the following Planning Aid England guidance:

Planning applications:

How do I comment on a planning application?

Understanding planning terms – jargon buster glossary

Local plans:

What is a local Plan?

How do I get involved? This includes when to get involved and how to submit formal representations.

How is a local plan prepared?

How are local plans examined? This includes making a case and attending the examination.

What effect does the local plan examination process have on pending planning applications?

How does a Neighbourhood Plan fit in with a local plan? This includes further information on Neighbourhood Plans.


In addition to the Planning Aid England guidance above, you may find the Friends of the Earth toolkit for campaigners useful:


CPRE planning guidance currently being updated:

Planning explained how you can get involved in the development of your Local Plan, which is the main influence on how your area changes in the future. 

How to comment on a planning proposal

How to respond to planning applications

Guide to neighbourhood planning – how you can influence how the places where you live and work change over time.

How to support your representations at planning appeal and How to challenge bad developments in courthow you or your community group can challenge a development proposal.