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Brighton & Hove District Update November 2021

11th November 2021

CPRE Sussex activity in Brighton & Hove District.

We are challenging a planning application made by Aldi for a massive supermarket at the junction of the King George VI Avenue and the A27 bypass. We have already expressed serious concern and will be making a strong response. In our view of town shopping centres, encouraging ever more car journeys, should be consigned to history. If a new store is genuinely needed to serve local residents, an accessible site in a more central location needs to be found.

Brighton & Hove City Plan Part 2

The City Plan Part 2 hearing is expected to finish at the end of November. Our key concerns are development of the city’s  ‘urban fringe’. We believe development should be directed to brownfield sites looking for regeneration instead of areas on the outskirts valuable for both the health of people and of nature.

We are also supporting Hove Civic Society’s proposal for one new tree to be planted in the urban area for every new home built using Community Infrastructure Levy funds.

Brighton Downland

Brighton and Hove’s rural estate, publically owned land surrounding the city, is over 12,800 acres and a ‘whole estate plan’ – City Downland Estate Plan – is in the process of being developed for its future management.

As part of the Brighton Downs Alliance we have played an active role in the public consultation and are signed up to the Alliance’s Vision. We will continue to take part the consultation process, including the review of the draft plan which will shape the future of the City. We will continue to lobby to ensure the plan reflects the strong recommendations from the Planning for Real process for significant, meaningful community involvement in the future management of the estate.

Greening Up the City  – Lots of very good news!

Plant Your Postcode – there is a lot going on – so in brief:

Surrenden Road, Brighton, BN1: we have been working with the council and local residents group to raise funds to get nine substantial new trees planted to replace major trees recently lost. Fundraising has been very successful and planting is planned for this winter planting season.

Glebe Villas, Hove, BN3: with Hove Civic Society we have been supporting residents to get street trees planted in an inner city street where previously there were none. Strenuous fundraising efforts are paying off and residents of the street have almost reached their goal and will be able to have 15 trees planted and to transform their neighbourhood.

Hove Park School, BN3: a small gathering was held last month to celebrate the hedge we supported that was planted late last year to reduce pollution in the playground, and the unveiling of a plaque commemorating ‘Granny Lollipop’ in whose honour it was planted.

Hove Junior School hedge
Supporters and donors celebrate the unveiling of the hedge planted to reduce traffic noise and pollution in the playground.
Right to left: Rachel Jeffers, Acting Deputy Head, Councillor Robert Nemeth, Deborah Griffiths,PTA, Elaine Evens (commemorating her mother once the School’s Lollipop Lady), Andrew Nichols and Helmut Lesser from Hove Civic Society and Penny Hudd, CPRE Sussex.


Wellsbourne Community Garden, BN2: late summer party – the volunteers and NHS held a lively party in October to celebrate the establishment of the community garden we helped fund and assisted with the purchase and planting of fruit, nut and ornamental trees.

Bristol Estate, BN2 – Nature Day: we went along on a windy Saturday to meet residents and get their responses to plans we’ve developed with the estate’s residents association (BELTA) for tree planting on the estate this winter. Without exception everyone we spoke to was very enthusiastic, so we’re hoping the planting will be a great, long term, success.


Bristol Estate, Brighton. Kia Trainor, CPRE Director with Plant Your Postcode volunteers and members of the residents group discussing tree planting ideas.


Compton Road, BN1: the Compton Road Tree Squad have just achieved their goal and can now get a massive stump removed and a new tree planted to replace a one recently felled!

In addition

Both Waitrose stores in Hove and Brighton have made donations to plant substantial saplings in Hove Park and Palmera Square this season.

We are continuing to work closely with the Council, Hove Civic Society and others to bring nature into the city and make Brighton a healthier, greener place to live. We are also helping many other Street and Neighbourhood groups who wish to plant up their areas and are at various stages along the way.

Forgotten Places – More good news!

Our Green Recovery Challenge Fund bid with Trees for Cities and our Urban Tree Challenge fund bid have both been successful! Together they bring in almost £100,000 for tree and other planting in areas of low tree cover in the City.

We will be working closely with the communities involved to make sure trees are planted in the right places and have every chance of long healthy lives providing homes for wildlife and improving the quality of life for those living in the area.

To keep up the momentum – We need your help.

The Brighton & Hove District Group needs a shot in the arm – and a new co-ordinator. The effects of Covid, and the stepping back of Corinne, our local co-ordinator, has caused the group to become inactive. With so much going on we badly need new blood, so please join us to keep up the momentum!  If you would like to get involved with making Brighton & Hove a greener, healthier city – or think you would enjoy the role of instigator/co-ordinator please do get in touch: