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Celebrating new trees for Surrenden Road, Brighton

6th December 2021

Residents celebrated the planting of nine trees on the upper part of Surrenden Road on Wednesday 1 December 2021.


Surrenden Road is one of the most beautiful streets in Brighton, with its broad verges and mature trees, now sadly depleted by Dutch Elm disease.

Residents got together with local businesses (Woodhart  Group and Nittygritty technology ), local councillors, individual donors and CPRE Sussex’s Plant Your Postcode project volunteers to raise money for the new trees.

The sturdy young trees are replacing elms lost to Dutch Elm disease and provide succession planting for mature trees so the road will continue to be shaded by great trees into the distant future.

The Council’s contractors, Connick Tree Care’s team, did a great job planting out the saplings, a mixture of beech, aspen, pine and thorn, some of which were so big it took three men to get them safely into the planting pits!

Everyone cheerfully got together to drink coffee and plant the final tree near the junction of Friar and Surrenden Roads.


Surrenden Road neighbours, donors and supporters gathering to plant the last tree


Planting the penultimate tree



Brighton & Hove Borough Council Tree planting officer, Ben Galley, with the Connick planting team and David Johnson and Penny Hudd (CPRE Sussex)


Withdean Ward councillors Sarah Niels & Jamie Lloyd