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CPRE Sussex joins local objectors to Brighton Royal Mail delivery depot

16th May 2024

Royal Mail plans to build a large-scale, industrial delivery depot at Patcham Court Farm, Vale Avenue, Brighton, BN1 8YF.

Planning application BH2022/02232 is for demolition of existing buildings and erection of storage and distribution building (B8) with associated access, parking, landscaping, re-grading of land, enclosures and infrastructure works and an express vehicle maintenance facility. (April 2024: Revised and additional information including amendments to site frontage, eastern boundary and Royal Mail start time (7.15am)).

CPRE Sussex, the countryside charity, objects to the application on the basis of:
– the negative impact on biodiversity, contrary to Policies CP10 and DM37, with loss of trees and other habitat, and the failure to adequately provide onsite Biodiversity Net Gain, in a manner entirely contrary to the thrust of BNG policy.
– the negative impact on the setting of the South Downs National Park, contrary to policies SA4 and SA5, and the risks of light pollution further damaging the status of the SDNP International Dark Sky Reserve, contrary to policy DM40
– the risks to the water environment and its ecology, contrary to policy DM42, given the siting of the development in relation to the local acquifer
– the risks of contributing additionally to flooding in the high-risk Patcham area, contrary to CP11.

While the intention to reduce the number of traffic movements from large and polluting vehicles within the congested city centre is commendable, and the potential of the vacated current site to provide much-needed affordable housing would be welcome, we cannot support the current proposal. We urge that it is rejected.

The views of the local community can be found at: