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Join campaign to save over 1400 acres of Low Weald landscape and habitat

5th May 2022

Join the Save West of Ifield campaign to fight Homes England’s proposals for 10,000 houses and a link road on land west of Crawley – sign the petitions and donate.

The first phase is 3,250 houses west of Ifield, starting with building on Ifield Golf Course and the fields to the west of Ifield Brook, with later phases building through Lambs Green to Faygate: virtually delivering the coalescence of Crawley and Horsham to form ‘Crawsham’.  The proposed link road could form part of a Western Relief Road, completing the circle of concrete around Crawley.

The first phase would occupy a 480-acre site west of Ifield (including 160 acres currently Ifield Golf Course), and the full 10,000 houses in the masterplan would occupy 1,483 acres.  All of this land is greenfield, woodland or golf course.

Sign the petitions: Stop the build of 10,000 houses across ifield west and Ifield golf course future development

Landscape west of Ifield – site of 1st phase of 3,250 houses


Landscape west of Ifield – site of 1st phase of 3250 houses

Homes England are seeking allocation of the 3,250 site in Horsham District Council’s stalled Local Plan, and have made public their intention to submit an outline planning application later this year.  This is despite the chronic water shortage in the area, and the resulting desire of the Council  to reduce significantly the house-building requirement from central government.

Impact of 3,250 or 10,000 new houses

Loss of Low Weald landscape and habitat: destruction of ancient woodland, shaws and hedgerows, including adverse impact on House Copse Site of Special Scientific Interest. Sussex Wildlife Trust has identified about 75% of the site as a Biodiversity Opportunity Area and it is home to both threatened (BAP) and rare species.

House Copse – ancient woodland Site of Special Scientific Interest – would be surrounded by houses in 2nd phase of development

Loss of recreational green space and adverse visual impact on adjoining High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty: destruction of Crawley’s only remaining rural fringe, Ifield heritage assets and ancient landscape. This is greenfield land used extensively by the local population for walking and well-being. 

Destruction of an historic, well-used golf course.

Building on a flood plain and too close to Gatwick: Homes England’s flood mitigation threatens Mole Valley.

Creation of ‘City of Crawsham’ – through erosion of strategic gap by Relief Road and 10,000 houses: suburban sprawl along the A264 and up the roads into Rusper means that Crawley and Horsham coalesce.

More issues with the proposed development

Too many houses, and the wrong type of houses: central government housing targets are over-inflated. The Standard Method used to calculate local targets directs houses to the most expensive areas of the UK, on greenfield sites rather than brownfield to maximise profit. Crawley needs 40% affordable housing.

A very poorly designed Link Road: cuts proposed neighbourhood in half, could destroy a local nature reserve and traffic will seriously impact Rusper, Faygate, and Charlwood.

The development would overwhelm Crawley’s infrastructure: particularly health and transport. 

Take action

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Sign the petitions: Stop the build of 10,000 houses across Ifield west and  Ifield golf course future development

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