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About Mid Sussex

Mid Sussex is set in beautiful countryside. Nearly 50% of the District is within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and over 10% is within the South Downs National Park. Between them is an area of small-stream valleys and hedgerows within a gently rolling landscape known as the Low Weald. Mid Sussex is the tenth most wooded District in the South East and two-thirds of this woodland is classified as ‘ancient’. It also has many sites valued for their biodiversity including Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Sites of Nature Conservation Importance, Local Nature Reserves and Biodiversity Opportunity Areas.

CPRE Mid Sussex works to protect these unique natural features and also promote the wellbeing of local communities. To contact us email: Michael Brown:

Please note. Our local representatives generously volunteer their time. They may not always be able to respond straight away. If you are contacting your local CPRE representative always copy your query in to