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Who we are

We are CPRE Sussex, the countryside charity. We are shaping a greener future for Sussex.


We are the local CPRE branch in Sussex. Our priorities are:

  • Beautiful landscapes, rich in nature and greener towns and cities 
  • Countryside and green spaces which are accessible to all, enriching lives and health 
  • Sustainable development for thriving communities
  • Effective responses to the climate emergency

We engage with decision makers, influencing them and challenging them to protect the Sussex countryside and green spaces. We inform on environmental issues and empower individuals and communities with robust evidence to defend and enhance the green spaces they love. We believe in collaborating with others to ensure a greener future for our county. We research and provide advice on planning issues. Together we can shape a greener future for Sussex.

CPRE Sussex has worked for half a century to support and promote our countryside, and we’ll be doing this for generations to come. That’s why we are ‘the countryside charity’.