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6 things we love about Sussex 

To celebrate Sussex Day 2023, we have pulled together a list of six things we love most about the historic county. 

From its tranquil places and beautiful landscapes to its biodiversity and passionate campaigners, there is much to celebrate, and protect, on our doorsteps. 

  1. Unique landscapes

We enjoy wonderful landscapes in Sussex, including Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, ancient woodlands, riverside meadows and much-loved green spaces in our towns and villages. These landscapes provide homes for wildlife, environmental benefits, places to work and places to relax – that’s why it’s so important to protect them. 

  1. Stunning coastlines

Our coastline, with the Seven Sisters cliffs, is one of the most iconic in the UK. Alongside the stunning vistas of white cliffs, saltmarsh and estuarine habitats provide homes to wildfowl and sea creatures, while our beaches, both pebble and sandy, bring employment and enjoyment. We will continue to campaign for cleaner waterways and environmentally-sound development to ensure these coastlines can still be enjoyed for generations to come. 

  1. Tranquil spaces for wellbeing

With all the pressures of modern life, tranquil places are increasingly important for our health and wellbeing. Areas of quiet countryside like Ashdown Forest or parts of the South Downs allow us to recharge our batteries. However, once tranquillity is lost, it’s hard to restore so we need to protect tranquil areas from increased aircraft noise and intrusive road traffic noise. 

  1. Fantastic biodiversity

Sussex is home to a rich diversity of species and habitats – from the heathland in Ashdown Forest and chalk grassland of the South Downs, to ancient, coppiced woodland with bluebells. About 80 protected species live in Sussex, ranging from dormice to bats. There are also about 500 species recognised as a priority for conservation. However, less than 16 per cent of Sussex is protected for its wildlife value. It is vital we treasure these sites and seek every opportunity to increase biodiversity in Sussex. 

  1. Urban trees and ancient woodland

Both our urban trees and countryside woodlands enhance the landscape and store carbon, helping to slow climate change. They provide homes for wildlife, including nest sites and song posts for many of our familiar birds, and reduce flood risk. That is why it is vital to not just protect existing trees and woodland but also encourage new planting through schemes like Plant Your Postcode. 

  1. Dedicated campaigners and volunteers

Our favourite thing about Sussex is the dedicated campaigners and volunteers working tirelessly to help protect and enhance our countryside and urban green spaces. Whether it is communities organising renewable energy cooperatives, campaigners fighting the destruction of ancient woodland or our own trustees, these people are an invaluable resource. Without them, we would not be able to shape a greener future for Sussex.  

To find out more about how you could help protect and enhance our favourite things about Sussex, visit our Get Involved page.