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CPRE Sussex calls on residents to help stop Gatwick Airport expansion

25th July 2022

CPRE Sussex has urged residents not to miss out on their chance to comment on Gatwick Airport’s Northern Runway consultation.

The current consultation on plans for a second runway closes at 11.59pm on Wednesday, July 27.

CPRE Sussex has long opposed expansion of the airport because of its wide-ranging environmental and health impacts.

Director for CPRE Sussex Brian Kilkelly said: “The public should not be asked to put up with long-term environmental and health damage for the financial gain and convenience of a few. Any expansion of Gatwick Airport would have a devastating impact on quality of life in the South East. We urge all Sussex residents to make their views known and stop this unnecessary blight on our precious landscape.”

The current consultation covers changes to road design, car parks, hotels, offices, the airfield, water management, carbon and noise. It follows a previous poor and complex consultation in autumn 2021.

CPRE Sussex has a number of concerns, including increased flights over our towns and rural villages, increased congestion, poorer air quality and increased pressure on local schools and hospitals.

The airport claims its plans will create 18,400 new jobs but the infrastructure to support these new employees does not exist. 

A particular concern is the need for new housing, with the threat of more large-scale development eating into our precious green spaces.

Brian said: “Any expansion of Gatwick Airport will lead to increased aircraft noise, light pollution, use of damaging fossil fuels and congestion as workers, freight, and holiday makers alike travel to and from the airport. Last year, world leaders gathered at COP 22 and vowed to work together to help fight climate change. Yet this proposed expansion would encourage more people to fly, worsening the problems already facing the UK as a whole, including achieving climate change targets and addressing the economic imbalance between the South East and the rest of England.” 

To have your say on the consultation, complete the online questionnaire available at, email, post responses to Freepost SEC NEWGATE UK LOCAL (no stamp required) or call 0800 038 3486, Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5:30pm.