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CPRE Sussex objects to Gatwick Airport expansion

2nd August 2022

We are opposed in principle to Gatwick expansion because of the increased noise,
greenhouse gas emissions, and the disruption and cost of accommodating transport to
and from the airport.

All these impacts will affect the health and wellbeing of Sussex residents. This is not adequately reflected in the summer 2022 consultation.

Other points in response to the consultation:

We are deeply disappointed to see that if the proposals proceed even more land will be lost to construct extra road carriageways and bridges with impacts on public rights of way and biodiversity that are more severe than outlined in the previous consultation.

The consultation is fairly silent on the fact that the emergency runway will need to be rebuilt to function as a second runway and alarmingly silent on the green-house gas emissions that will result from the operations and the additional noise that will be inflicted on residents throughout Sussex.

The proposals are also silent on other matters, such as air quality issues with which the Airport is already struggling and which accumulating evidence associates with widespread public health impacts.

In our view, two runways will not be compliant with the new Environment Act which has to be a consideration by every part of government.

We would urge Gatwick Airport to put off any proposals for expansion until the full impacts are and how they can be minimised are known – so that there is no prospect of harm to Sussex communities and their environment.

Read the full response to the consultation: CPRE Sussex Response 27.7.22 to Gatwick expansion plan Summer 2022 consultation