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CPRE Sussex seeks ban on Gatwick night flights

3rd March 2021

CPRE Sussex has responded to the government’s consultation on night flight restrictions at Gatwick Airport from 2022-2024.


In the consultation, the government acknowledges the World Health Organisation’s evidence that sleep disturbance caused by night flights can have adverse health impacts on affected communities. The CPRE Sussex report on Flight Blight – the environmental and social costs of aviation expansion shows that we are becoming more sensitive to aircraft noise.

During the Covid-19 pandemic many communities have adjusted to lower levels of noise at night resulting from the reduction in flights. A night flight ban would help communities adjust to the return of aircraft as the sector recovers.

Another benefit in banning night flights would be a reduction in light pollution from Gatwick airport which is damaging to both wildlife and people’s health.


CPRE Sussex response Night Flights Consultation Feb 2021

Letter to Robert Courts MP – night-flights  This is a joint letter to the Minister at the Department for Transport, with signatories including the Campaign Against Gatwick Noise Emissions (CAGNE) – CPRE Sussex is a member of CAGNE.