Eye-Spy Spring 2021 – your sightings in Sussex

27th January 2021

The early signs of spring are a wonderful sight – especially during the Covd-19 lockdown. Here are sightings you’ve been sharing with CPRE Sussex.






Week beginning Monday 25 January


First snowdrops | © Fay Stebbings


Early primroses | © Fay Stebbings


Peacock butterfly briefly emerged from hibernation into bright winter sunshine


Daffodils emerging


First hellibore in garden


Magpie seen collecting twigs for its nest


Week beginning Monday 1 February

Robin basking in the sunshine | © Simon Malik


Hazel catkins



Rain on purple crocus | © Simon Malik


Rain on snowdrop | © Simon Malik


Song thrush heard singing


Week beginning Monday 8 February 

Despite the snow, there are more signs of spring.


Spring snow in the Weald | © Steve Wilson


Snowflake | © Simon Malik


Hazel catkins | © Steve Wilson


Hawthorn leaves | © Simon Malik
Dog rose leaves | © Simon Malik


Hazel leaves | © Simon Malik


Hazel catkins | © Simon Malik


Week beginning Monday 15 February


Icicles in spring | © Simon Malik


Great tit singing


Cyclamen | © Simon Malik


Collared doves at bird table | © Simon Malik


Jasmine | © Simon Malik


Dunnock heard singing


Honeysuckle | © Simon Malik


Robin with food | © Simon Malik


Week beginning Monday 23 February

Dandelion flower