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Plant Your Postcode: planning the planting, July 2021

8th July 2021

Plant Your Postcode projects: Bulstrode Farm, Ovingdean; Bristol Estate; Preston Manor;

Bulstrode Farm, Ovingdean, July 2021

Last year a local farmer asked for help to increase biodiversity and tree cover on their council-owned farm on the city fringe. A plan for a copse which includes approximately 17 native forest trees and 32 understory trees, which will also mask the industrial agricultural buildings, was approved. The South Downs National Park will be supporting the project for planting during the coming planting season.

The site






Bristol Estate, July 2021

Bristol Estate’s ambitious nature-loving residents are working to ‘green up’ the estate and we are helping them to achieve this. The initial stage of the plan we’ve developed is to plant 20 major street and amenity trees with a mix of tree species, including, pines, hornbeam, lime, flowering pear, disease-resistant elm, and wild service trees, to diversify the City’s urban forest. This initial planting will be in two phases starting in the autumn. We hope to plant the first tree at the Estate’s ‘Nature Day’ in October.

Artist’s impression of the proposed tree planting at the end of Bowring Way


The view north looking towards Community Centre along Chadborn Bowring Way – parking area Close


Bowring Way – parking area


Preston Manor

Preston Manor gardening volunteers will be planting three new trees, a medlar an amalanchier and a witch hazel, in the Manor’s Edwardian Walled Garden to replace those lost. The trees are now being stored for planting in the autumn.

Witch hazel tree


Amalanchier in bloom


Wellsbourne Community Garden, Whitehawk

We worked with the Permaculture Trust on plant selection and plans for the Community Garden and the Healthcare Centre team and volunteers have already begun planting up the orchard with a lovely wide range of fruit and nut trees together with some beautiful ornamental cherries. The planting of the planned 15 major trees and 40 fruit and nut trees should be completed in the next planting season which runs between October 2021 and March 2022.

Volunteers planting at Wellsbourne


Planting plan