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Plant Your Postcode

12th February 2020

Plant Your Postcode is an exciting initiative to increase the number of trees on streets and in parks throughout towns and cities across Sussex. Initially we are focussing on the Brighton & Hove area but hope to roll out the project more widely in time.

Trees have an enormous value to the environment and our well-being. They provide shade, help regulate the microclimate, support wildlife, reduce air pollution and improve our own mental health and happiness. Brighton and Hove’s trees are particularly special because we host the National Elm Collection. Natural barriers and local people’s concerted efforts have protected them from elm disease and now the city is home to some of the rarest varieties of elms in the world.

Unfortunately, the number of trees in streets, urban woods and parks is in decline as a result of disease, old age and climate change. Through Plant Your Postcode we aim to reverse this trend leaving a leafy legacy for future generations to benefit from.

We will work with existing or newly formed residents or civic groups, supporting them to raise funds to plant trees within their postcode and in liaising with other relevant organisations (such as those providing free trees or funding). Local residents will be encouraged to become tree champions caring for the trees within their street, park or immediate area.

Photo © Paul