Time for Highways England to stop shredding litter alongside A27

7th December 2020

The A27 Clean Up campaign has written yet again to Highways England to ask why we have shredded litter not wildflowers along the A27.

Highways England contractors continuously shred litter alongside the A27 while cutting roadside vegetation. The litter should be cleared before vegetation is cut because shredded litter is unsightly, environmentally damaging and difficult to remove.

Co-ordination between Highways England and Local Authorities, who are responsible  for litter clearance, simply does not work well to provide us with litter free roadsides.

It is over 10 years now since consultants advised transferring responsibility for litter removal on trunk roads to Highways England. It really is time for Highways England to take on this responsibility.


Letter to Highways England 6.12.2020

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