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Tree planting – answering your concerns

It is common to have some questions or concerns when you hear about new trees being planted near your home. This page is designed to provide you with answers to some of those questions.

Q. Will a new tree block out all the light to my home?                                                                   

A. No. There are varieties of tree, for example Gleditsia, Robinia and some open canopy pines, which have ‘light canopies’. It is all about finding the right tree for the right place.


Q. Do trees near my home invalidate my insurance?                                                                       

A. Home insurance covers damage to your home caused by falling trees so if you have trees near your home you may have to pay more to be insured. However, young, healthy trees, planted in appropriate places, are far less likely to cause this sort of damage.


Q. Will new trees damage pavements and roads, making them unsafe?                                           

A. The main cause of root heave, also known as pavement heave, is tree roots not having enough space to grow underground. Choosing the right variety, allowing adequate uncompacted soil beneath the roots and using tree grates can all help to reduce the risk of damage.


Q. Why are you planting in my area? Aren’t you the countryside charity?                                       

A. Yes, we are the countryside charity but we are working to protect and promote all green spaces and that includes in cities and towns. Trees bring a huge range of benefits – from reduced flood risk to improving overall health – and we think everyone should be able to gain from that.


Find out more: CPRE Sussex Trees Factsheet

If you have any further questions the CPRE Sussex team is here to help. Get in touch with us by emailing or find out more about our work at