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Friday, 14 December 2018 10:15

Letter sent to sent to MPs by CPRE Sussex

Written by CPRE Sussex

The following letter was sent to all Sussex members of Parliament on 11 December 2018.

Tuesday, 04 December 2018 17:39

Act now: Reject the Gatwick plan

Written by CPRE Sussex

Reject Gatwick's plans for 3 runways

Stand up for Sussex's unique natural environment:

  • Reject the environmental impact of over 90,000 extra flights a year
  • Reject the destruction of nature; animal habitats, wildlife corridors and biodiversity
  • Reject the loss of countryside for the houses and infrastructure needed to accommodate the 12,000 extra workers for the expanded airport
  • Reject increasing congestion on road and rail caused by an additional 50 million passengers and over 200,000 tonnes of haulage
  • Reject the loss of clean air, peaceful woodlands and dark, starlit skies.

You have until January 10 to object to proposals to expand Gatwick Airport from one to potentially three runways.

CPRE Sussex has taken the unprecedented step of declaring a “Countryside State of Emergency” in response to Gatwick Airport’s new expansion ‘Master Plan’, published last week (Oct 18).

On Monday 22nd May community groups representing hundreds of thousands of UK residents delivered a statement to Number 10 demanding that the next government takes action to reduce aviation noise and emissions.  The groups are seeking a new policy on aircraft noise and tough regulation of the aviation industry that balances the interests of people living near airports and under flight paths with the demands of the industry for more flights.

Download Lord Tariq's reply below.

Letter from David Johnson, Chair, CPRE Sussex, 14th October 2016

Thursday, 06 October 2016 14:10

CPRE Sussex: Gatwick will destroy our local heritage

Written by CPRE Sussex

6 October 2016

The West Sussex County Times has published a head-to-head debate over the future of Gatwick between Gatwick's Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, C Kirwan-Taylor and David Johnson, Chair, CPRE Sussex. "'Progress'" argues Johnson, "should not lead to a decline in air quality, the bulldozing of ancient woodlands and the loss of glorious, tranquil countryside."

Friday, 30 September 2016 10:06

Letter to The Times: Heathrow vs Gatwick

Written by CPRE Sussex

Letter to the Times:

Heathrow is not the answer, Thunderer, 26 Sept 2016

It may be that ‘Heathrow is not the answer’ (Thunderer, 26 September), but the Airport Commission, prominent Sussex MPs and local people are clear that a second runway at Gatwick would not deliver the economic gains sought by the Government. The proposed runway is in the wrong place to benefit most of the UK and will fail to rebalance growth away from the South East.

While pursuing growth in the wrong place, expanding Gatwick would also compromise the quality of life of many local communities and the special landscapes and historic buildings at the heart of the Sussex countryside.

It is alleged that Gatwick comes ‘at a lower environmental and financial cost and with much less risk’. How are these claims substantiated?

Ultimately, this is not a choice between growing the economy and protecting the environment. Expanding Gatwick is a rejection of both.

Kia Trainor
Director, CPRE Sussex

Sunday, 18 September 2016 12:01

Download the #GatwickCant Leaflet

Written by CPRE Sussex

Concerned about proposals for a second runaway at Gatwick? Download the GatwickCan't leaflet below.

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