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A CPRE Sussex volunteer’s story

Volunteering for CPRE Sussex is “fun, rewarding and educational,” according to Lorna Train who organises the charity’s summer tours.

Lorna decided to become a volunteer after retiring as a Head of Geography because she felt that she needed to do something to protect the countryside she loved.

“I had taught about the role of CPRE in my sixth form lessons so had already a good insight into the work of this charity,” she explains. “I considered the local branch to be an ideal organisation in which be a volunteer.”

Lorna runs CPRE’s Summer Visits Programme to beautiful locations across Sussex and Kent.

“Each year there are between 4 or 5 separate visits on offer,” she says “The venues we visit range from local producers of food and drink, farms, gardens and historic houses to recycling centres and producers of green energy.

“Organising the programme of visits allows me to meet many members and share their love of the countryside. It’s always satisfying to receive positive feedback on the visits I have organized. I also get the chance to meet a variety of people who make a living working in the countryside”.

Lorna says volunteering has helped her keep up to date with environmental matters and the experience has made her want to protect the Sussex countryside even more.

She has this advice for anyone considering volunteering with CPRE:

“Just do it!” She says. “You won’t regret it and you will learn a lot about the countryside whilst meeting interesting like – minded people. Being able to offer your skills will be very rewarding.”

This year Lorna was selected to receive a national CPRE Volunteer award after being nominated by CPRE Sussex. The award recognises the hard work, dedication and commitment she has shown to CPRE and the enormous contribution she has made.