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Aircraft pollution affects your home life and the planet

21st September 2022

Sussex will be the hardest hit by Gatwick Airport plans for growth and expansion with their desire for 35% increase in flights each year, from 285,000 (pre Covid) to 382,000.

Already much of Sussex is impacted by Gatwick’s operations, but with the modernisation of airspace and the planning application for a second runway, which is expected to go to the government planning inspectorate early in 2023, we can expect Sussex to take the full impact of the lack of infrastructure, added pressure on housing numbers and our environment.   

 The ramifications of Gatwick Airport may not be a concern to you currently, but aircraft pollution can impact house values, is proven to impact your wellbeing, and is known to be seriously impacting our natural world.

 Aviation is struggling to decarbonise, as such expansion would seem to be the wrong direction when we are all facing a climate crisis.  Even without a second  runway, Gatwick will seek growth with the modernisation of airspace (FASIS).

 We would encourage residents to take part in the online FREE event on Thursday 13 October at 7.30pm where you will have the unique opportunity to ask questions of Andy Sinclair, Head of Airspace Strategy and Engagement, Gatwick Airport.

 Book here to attend: