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Brighton Downland Estate Plan: CPRE Sussex response

16th July 2022

CPRE Sussex has responded to the consultation on the draft Downland plan.

We welcome this new draft of the City Downland Estate Plan.

Our main concern centres on the level of ambition. We would welcome an ambition that goes well
beyond considering the Downland Estate as a self-sustaining asset, to an asset that is recognised
as for the public good and one that delivers value far beyond what can be assessed on a purely
financial basis. It should be a prized possession that everybody in Brighton & Hove recognises for
the value that it provides and indeed that this value would be understood across Sussex and
beyond. Our hope is for a future time when we can celebrate all that the Downland Estate has
become as a ‘national treasure’.

Read: CPRE Sussex response to Brighton Downland Estate draft Plan July 2022