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Chichester’s coastal plain at a tipping point

16th March 2021

Fears are growing about the future of Chichester’s coastal plain as more and more community representatives urge politicians and policy makers to prioritise the environment and climate change resilience, claiming the area is now at a tipping point.

Chichester Harbour, the Manhood peninsula and the surrounding coastal hinterland form one of the south coast’s leading staycation and international tourist destinations as well as it’s most productive food growing areas. The area is also home to the largest group of vital CO2 absorbing biodiverse wetlands in the south and is one of the UK’s most important habitat areas for many types of birds as well as endangered species such as water voles.

But all these irreplaceable assets are at risk while Chichester District Council lacks a strategic spatial plan going forward, according to Save our South Coast Alliance (SOSCA).


Save Our South Coast Alliance Press Release 15 March 2021