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CPRE Sussex questions call for sites in South Downs National Park

30th August 2022

In the crowded south east of England it seems contrary to the idea of creating a National
Park to encourage further building within the Park.

The South Downs National Park Authority (SDNP) is offering an opportunity for individuals, landowners and developers to put forward sites for potential development.

CPRE Sussex’s questions and comments include:

The mere fact of asking for organisations to put forward proposals will encourage developers and landowners to suggest land allocations for housing.

Without the National Park actually calling for more housing and industrial development there are enough examples of planning applications which have gone through the system causing expansion of the ‘built environment’ in the Park. Surely there is no need to encourage further development of this nature within the Park?

We are concerned that the National Park is suggesting housing allocation within a ‘protected landscape’ when there is no legal requirement upon them to do so by the Government.

Surely your initiative should be to partner with housing associations to create genuinely affordable homes in villages across the Park so that local young people don’t have to move out in order to find a home.

It seems unnecessary to encourage further industrial development when the existing planning system is struggling to defend the purposes of the National Park in rural areas.

We are concerned that encouraging more manufacturing and warehousing in the Park will result in more HGV traffic.

We wonder why the National Park are citing the need for economic development. A better phrase might be ’employment development close to existing villages’.

It doesn’t seem necessary for the National Park to promote economic development with unemployment running at less than 5% in the South East of England and many businesses finding it difficult to recruit employees.

We believe that the farming and horticulture sector are vital economic activities, which should be nurtured and supported by the SDNP Authority.

Sustainable transport is needed to help visitors and local people move from the car to the bus or train service.

We are surprised that the items covering development of buildings doesn’t steer the reader towards  the need for construction to zero carbon emissions standards and the incorporation of renewable energy such as solar, air/ground sourced and other renewable energy systems.

Read the full version of CPRE Sussex comments on the call for sites: CPRE submission SDNPA Call for sites 27-08-22

You can send comments to the National Park Authority on its call for sites until 28 September at: